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MPE Clubs Clubs

MPE Club    Garden Club    Woman's Social Club    VIP Club

Welcome Sign

Merriman Park Estates Club, Inc.


The History of the Club:

The Club was founded March 7, 1958, at a special social gathering attended by the first residents of the Estates. These twelve families thus began the Merriman Park Estates Club. It has evolved into an incorporated, non-profit organization to better serve our residents. The name of the organization is: Merriman Park Estates Club, Inc.

What does the MPE Club do?

The purpose of the Club is to promote good fellowship and neighborliness among the Members and to provide a forum for collective discussion and pursuit of problems of mutual, civic interest.

Some of the types of things that have been brought to our neighborhood by the hard work, efforts and funds raised are: our park sidewalk, the flower beds along Merriman Parkway, the many plants and trees in those beds, the children's playground, three street lights, trees along the Skillman St. medians, and procuring and installing unique and defining sign toppers on our neighborhood street signs.

The Club also sponsors an annual fall picnic jointly with the MPE Women's Social Club. The Club participates in the Tom Thumb Good Neighbor program. Tom Thumb will donate a percentage of your purchases to the Club if your link your reward card to our number-4757

How To Become a Member:

All it takes to be a member of the Neighborhood Association is to be a homeowner in Merriman Park Estates and remit annual dues of $100.00. That $100.00 goes to produce the directory and help fund the budget. This entitles you to be a voting member for any neighborhood issues or proposals that are brought before the MPE residents. You also get a neighborhood telephone directory that is published every two years. You also get to know the fine people willing to work to make this THE neighborhood of the Lake Highlands area.

For more information on how to become a member please send an email to:  president@mpedallas.com

Please give your MPE dues to Chase Oswalt.