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Merriman Park Estates Volunteers In Patrol

(Crime Patrol)

VIP stands for Very Important Person throughout the English speaking world. In Merriman Park Estates, VIP also stands for Volunteers In Patrol. The service they perform for your neighborhood makes them very important people in maintaining the value and safety of your life and property.

How was VIP born?

Merriman Park Estates Volunteers In Patrol was established in 1997 when Crime Watch Chairman Marilynn Meyer, convinced a group of Estaters concerned by the increasing crime rate throughout the city to hear a presentation by a representative from a neighborhood that had established Volunteers In Patrol with great success. A charter was drawn up, officers elected and the charter members went through 2 days of intensive training by the Dallas Police Department.

What do the VIP do?

Volunteers In Patrol are extra eyes and ears for the police department. We are not armed and are non-confrontational. We patrol every street and alley in Merriman Park Estates in our own cars clearly marked "CRIME PATROL." Southwestern Bell furnishes our patrol a mobile phone so we can call 911 if we spot any criminal or suspicious activity. When we find a garage door open, we call the homeowner and remind them to close it. Two hour patrol shifts are staggered throughout the day and until midnight. The number of patrols depends on the number of active volunteers signing on for the month. VIP also works in tandem with our MPASP program.

How do I join so I can help MPE too?

We welcome you to Merriman Park Estates, and invite you to join Volunteers in Patrol. Joining is easy. Please email for an application. The training program has been reduced to two hours plus a patrol with a seasoned veteran, and you can select the day and hours you wish to serve. Most of our volunteers patrol four hours per month. When possible two people patrol together and we have a number of husband/wife teams. We have a BI-MONTHLY business or social meeting on the 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm at a designated member's home.


garage picture VIP TIPS: Always keep your garage door closed when unattended.  The temptation of any open garage is far too great for would be thieves looking for a quick pick.

Always lock your vehicle doors and remove your things from view. Thieves don't mind stealing things from your vehicle.

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