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Merriman Park Estates ("MPE") is a twelve street neighborhood located in Northeast Dallas. MPE is bound by Abrams Rd, Skillman St. and Walnut Hill Lane. The Mapsco location is 27N and 27S. While located in the Dallas city limits, this neighborhood is part of the Richardson Independent School District. MPE is very fortunate to be on the edge of a "greenbelt parkway" with our very own R.P. Brooks Park.

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A close up view provides a good understanding of the vastness of the greenbelt area. This area includes a portion of the Whiterock Hike & Bike Trail that will take you directly to White Rock Lake which has a host of recreational benefits nearby. The Fair Oaks Tennis Center is located less than 5 minutes from MPE via Merriman Parkway or the Hike & Bike Trail.

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