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City of Dallas - Blue Rollcart Program

DID YOU KNOW... That you can put your old, non-working TV out for bulky trash pickup? You Can!

DID YOU KNOW... That you can take your old computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, mice, etc to Staples Office supplies for recycle? The Bigger items require a $10.00 fee for their cost to ship the bulky items to a recycler. Small price to pay for our environment!

DID YOU KNOW... That, as an alternative, you can donate old computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, mice, etc to Computers for the Blind as a donation for a tax deduction?

DID YOU KNOW... About the City of Dallas Chemical Collection Center? Click here for Info!

Blue Cart Recycling has begun. Our current collection date is TUESDAY.

picture of recycable materials

What materials can I recycle? How do I prepare materials for recycling?

Effective 2005, we no longer have to separate out recyclable items. The City of Dallas provides a Blue Rollcart and all that is asked is that we rinse out the recyclables and they may include the following:
  • newspapers and inserts that are clean, dry, and non-yellowed. Do not set them out in the rain;
  • magazines, catalogues, junkmail, paper back books, phone books, brown paper bags, food boxes, detergent boxes, egg cartons, cardboard boxes and cereal boxes;
  • glass containers of any color (if the glass is broken, you need to put it in a paper bag first);
  • Items with codes 1,2,3,4,5,6; and 7, that are rinsed and with the caps removed;
  • aluminum cans;
  • steel/tin food cans that are flattened;
  • aerosol cans
  • plastic baggies ARE NO LONGER accepted as they wrap around the Hydraulic pump of the city trucks.

What is my designated collection day? Will it change?

Collection is provided weekly, on one of your regular garbage collection day. CURRENTLY MPE's COLLECTION DAY IS Tuesday (every Tuesday). Please place your recyclables beside your garbage by 7 a.m. on your designated collection day. Existing collection schedules will remain unchanged to the greatest extent and you will be notified by mail if your collection day changes.

Where do I call to report missed set outs or for more information?

If by 6 p.m., on your collection day your recyclable materials have not been collected, call 311 to report it. Also, call 311 if you have any questions.

Why do I have an orange sticker on my recyclables?

Sometimes, residents find their recyclables still sitting on the curb or in the alley after collection time with an orange sticker on the bag. This usually means the bag contained something that is not accepted in the Dallas program. Do not include rubber bands, plastic wrap, hard back books, pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, window glass, light blubs, ceramics, mirrors, pyrex, fiberglass, aluminum foil, pie plates, metal parts, plastic bags, styrofoam peanuts, chemical containers or plastic or metal toys.

Read about the benefits of recycling and buying recycled goods. These are great web links that provide valuable information such as reducing junk mail, learning the various recycling symbols and what they mean, and how small efforts make a big difference in our world.

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