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The MPE garbage pick-up is every Tuesday.

Rollcarts for garbage pick-up are provided by the City of Dallas. They are for household garbage only. Please do not place any yard waste, liquids, or hot ashes in the cart. Do no put leaves, brush, or other bulky items in the rollcart.

Place the rollcart with the handle toward your home. Locate the cart with 3 feet of clearance on each side and 1 foot in back of the rollcart to allow the collection arm to grasp the cart.


Brush, large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves (up to 50 gallon capacity), old appliances, furniture, mattresses and other non-hazardous bulky items are picked up curbside during the week of the 4th Monday (District 4) of each month. The city will usually NOT collect debris from construction or remodeling (lumber, sheetrock, etc.), rocks, bricks, concrete, or dirt. 

Materials must be set out at the front of your property line (not on sidewalks) by 7 a.m. on the first day of the collection week.  Please see the calendar for this month's collection date.

To maintain the cleanliness and appearance of our neighborhood, please do not place your materials curbside earlier than the Thursday before our collection week. Putting bulky trash out prior to that time is subject to a $200.00 fine by the city.

Should you have an emergency such as trees being cut down or torn down by nature, you can call 214-670-8613 for "Cost +" service. The cost is reasonable and your responsibility. However, the city crews may take a week or two to collect the materials. As neighbors, we need to understand that this clean up is for the good of the neighborhood. So, please be understanding of the mess while our neighbors are cleaning up and waiting on the city to schedule pick-up.

Another option is the Dallas City Dump located at 7677 Fair Oaks Avenue. The collection station is open everyday but accepts different materials depending on the day. Click here to see the collection schedule for the Fair Oaks collection station.


July 4th, Thanksgiving (Thurs. and Fri.), Christmas and New Years Day when falling on Thursday or Monday.
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