Star TIP....Donate to MPE for FREE!!!!

Tom Thumb will make contributions to Merriman Park Estates Club every time you use your Tom Thumb Reward Card.  Through Tom Thumb's Good Neighbor Program, they contribute 3% of what we spend at their stores to our Neighborhood Association.


Every time you shop, give the cashier your Reward Card, and immediately receive your Reward Card Discounts as usual.  Then Tom Thumb will make a contribution to MPE in the amount of 3% of your total purchase!


This is a fantastic opportunity to increase our revenue.  This donation from Tom thumb is a source of income that can be applied to the neighborhood projects!  Many of us already shop at Tom Thumb stores, so this is FREE money going to the betterment of our neighborhood.


It is so easy! All that is required is to ask for a FREE Reward Card and associate our account number 4757 with your card.  If you already have a Reward Card and you would like to link your neighborhood, just ask the cashier or the service manager to associate our account number with your card.  You only have to do this once! It really is that simple!

If you already have organizations linked to your Reward Card, that's okay.  You can link as many Tom Thumb Good Neighbor organizations as you would like.  The 3% is simply divided among them.

Be a good neighbor and support your MPE Neighborhood Association! Thank you.

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